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Are you thinking of making a memory for life? The custom magnet is something that never fails. A decorative element that becomes everyday, because the person who places it (as is normal) in his refrigerator will have it there for much of his life. Can you imagine the power of that product? Every time that person opens the fridge, they will be looking at it.

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Custom Magnets

Custom magnets are an excellent promotional tool because of their usefulness. Anyone has or needs to deposit a reminder in the form of a note and what better place than the classic among the classics, the fridge. The great use of this product makes it an incredible advertising item.

Although they are the star decoration of any refrigerator, personalized magnets have an infinite number of uses, always occupying important places where they will be visible more than once a day. This privileged position allows them to be used by companies to display their logos or designs, bought as trips souvenirs or even used to capture special memories.

The magnets are designed to be attached to ferromagnetic metal surfaces. They have a significantly high magnetism, allowing them to generate attraction with other magnetized pieces or metals such as iron, cobalt or nickel. Composed of very resistant materials, this magnet is the basis of our product, but by no means the most important.

Our custom magnets are manufactured by fixing these magnetized pieces to the designs that the client demands. In this regard, we offer fully customizable products. We offer different materials for its finish and, of course, designs, sizes and colors to be chosen by our clients. Among all this variety, our most popular finishes are metal magnets, rubber magnets and printed magnets.

Metal Magnets

Rubber Magnets

Print Magnets

Why choose Us?


No Minimum Order

You don't need a minimum quantity to produce your designs. We manufacture from a single unit.


Shipping Included

The shipping cost is included in the budget. We ship within 24 hours throughout Spain.


Free Design

We make the design completely free of charge. Tell us your idea and we will make it happen.


Custom Phone Attention

We like to meet our clients. We guarantee the best telephone attention. Quick and personalized.


The most resistant materials and techniques

We have the best quality in manufacturing material. Don't be fooled, find out about them.


100% Tailored.
100% Custom

We elaborate your product in a totally personalized way. Your designs will be unique pieces in the world.

If you are still not clear, you can take a look at what our customers think about us.

How are fridge magnets made?

The manufacturing process for magnets is similar to that of our star products, such as metal pins or rubber keychains. With the simple characteristic that instead of a chain or a skewer, the magnetic support of the greatest possible force is placed on it.

In both cases, the manufacturing process goes through a previous digital design, in which we will see all the aspects of the product, turning your idea into something visible, after the design is perfect, we will create a mold, in which They will melt the pieces, whether metal or rubber, once the bases are created, you just have to add the colors, or the layers of color agreed in the design, in three weeks, you would have your order delivered.

What is the best custom magnet for your project?

As we discussed earlier, a personalized magnet is a product intended for multiple uses, so it can be directed at practically any audience. Depending on your needs, we can offer you different materials for finishing your designs, thus allowing the result to be fully adjusted to the desired customization.

Next, we specify a little about each of the finishes to help you better understand what it is about and that you can decide.

Once this is done, whether you are decided or if you still have doubts, ask us for a Budget without obligation. We will be happy to help you create that unique magnet you are looking for.

Custom Metal Magnets

Metal magnets are somewhat less common, but recommended in elegant projects or where those finishes that can be obtained from metal are important for the target audience of the campaign. For example, if you want to make a magnet from a family crest, or a magnet from a traditional company, making it metallic and enameled may be the best option. We guarantee that you will surprise.

These would be made with a metal base, which would be cast in a mold and bathed with the most common finishes, such as gold and silver, and then enameled in color in the gaps that remain between the raised edges. Undoubtedly, this type of product would be focused on an elegant finish, with shine and with an image of sobriety, something traditional.

CustomPVC Magnets

Making magnets has become a business for merchandising or souvenir companies, rubber magnets are simple and full of color, therefore a very attractive promotional gift, a powerful keepsake and a very easy product to create.

The reason for manufacturing them in rubber is very simple, the weight of the magnet is less, therefore when it comes to shipping, when placing it anywhere, they are not uncomfortable (logistical costs also decrease). The magnet will be flexible, so touch is part of the game. They are manufactured by layers of color, at different levels, when you have one of our magnets in your hands, you will realize that it is a simple piece, but with a meticulous manufacturing process, since first a base layer is placed, with the shape chosen by the client, on that layer, new levels are added, which are shaping the colors, the letters or the lines of the final design, with a quality in the details that you can see for yourself.

Custom Print Magnets

If you don't want complications, printing magnets are what you are looking for, you only need a file with good quality, since it will be the one we use in manufacturing, and a good idea.

The printed magnets can be made in two different ways, you can make a rubber base with the shape you want, and print your idea, or the text you need on it.

Another option and the most common is to make magnets with photos on sheets. A small sheet of glossy vinyl, on which your design will be printed, with the shape and size you want and on which the magnet will be placed on the back, in this way you will have a colorful product, and very easy to turn into Final product.

Do you have any questions about how to make a gift magnet?

Then write us your doubts, your ideas or your comments, and we guarantee you the best deal.

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