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If you are looking for a keychain manufacturer, you have come to the right place. At Hephaestudio we are experts in personalized gifts and we have extensive experience in creating and designing key chains for companies. An everyday product with great marketing power, since it is something that accompanies us all day and we do not realize it.
Our mission is to create a totally customized product, of great quality and without surprises. With a design that turns the idea you have in mind into a reality.
Do you want to know how we work? Contact us and discover how easy our process is.

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Custom Keychains

p> The personalized keychains are a versatile product, which fits very well in advertising campaigns and events where the assistants or the clients can take a nice memory.

The keychain is something that they will always carry with them, a brand image that will be reinforced day after day with the constant use of the product. Every time they open the door of their houses or start their car they will be in contact with your company.

Do you want your brand becomes a high quality custom product ? Contact us and we will help you design your keychain. The final product will be the one you have always wanted.

In our factory we have two finishes completely different for your personalized keychains. You can choose the option that best suits your design. If you want to know what characteristics each finish has, click on the image to discover more.

Custom Rubber Keychains

Rubber Keychains

Custom Metal Keychains

Metal Keychains

Why choose Us?


No Minimum Order

You don't need a minimum quantity to produce your designs. We manufacture from a single unit.


Shipping Included

The shipping cost is included in the budget. We ship within 24 hours throughout Spain.


Free Design

We make the design completely free of charge. Tell us your idea and we will make it happen.


Custom Phone Attention

We like to meet our clients. We guarantee the best telephone attention. Quick and personalized.


The most resistant materials and techniques

We have the best quality in manufacturing material. Don't be fooled, find out about them.


100% Tailored.
100% Custom

We elaborate your product in a totally personalized way. Your designs will be unique pieces in the world.

If you are still not clear, you can take a look at what our customers think about us.

How can I make custom keychains with Hephaestudio?

The manufacture of custom keychains is a process in which all details must be taken care of . Depending on the keychain finish, the techniques used are different.

For personalized metal keychains , the process is practically identical to our pins. We use a cast mold with which we shape the design on the metal base and from there, we use different processes to achieve the desired finish.

On the contrary. In the rubber keychains , a base layer is melted that will work as the keychain's background and the different layers that make up the design overlap on it, as if it were a puzzle in which the final result it is the design that has been previously accepted.

That is to say, we always manufacture with a digital assembly of the product and when the client gives us the go-ahead we get going so that everything turns out perfect.
So don't worry, because We will help you at all times so that you understand how your key chains will be manufactured and what the end result will be like. Measurements, colors, shapes, content, we are experts in this, trust Hephaestudio.

What is the best keychain for your project?

The custom keychain sector offers many possibilities. Tell us your needs and you will have a fast budget and a design in which you can easily know the result of the manufacture before starting it.

Rubber keychains or metal keychains can be target of many audiences . Different finishes can make the difference between success and failure, as a keychain is a product at first glance simple but that must be adapted to the circumstances of the event and the people who are part of it. Do you want to enhance your brand or do you want a unique memory ? Do not hesitate to count on our work.

Custom Rubber Keychains

To make custom rubber keychains you only need an idea that can be transferred to the style of its manufacture. A manufacturing by color layers, like a puzzle, in which we overlap each sheet to give it the appropriate shapes and reliefs. Our rubber keychains have a great quality, allowing high detail in the lines and shapes chosen.

Custom Metal Keychains

It is the most chosen option among clients. The custom metal keychains can have a classic look or they can break the patterns with shapes and enamels taken care of down to the last detail.

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