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Do you want to recognize someone for their achievements? Do you want to reward your workers with a quality souvenir? Both coins and personalized medals are perfect options for this type of situation.

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Custom Medals

If there is a product that is directly related to the feeling of pride or the satisfaction of having achieved something important, without a doubt, it is a medal. Whether in a classic format with a pendant, or in a metallic coin format, it is a gift that, when received, automatically acquires a sentimental value that goes beyond the cost of the metal.

A personalized medal is an award that goes directly to the museum or the shelf of any home, it can even be passed from generation to generation.

Valuing the merits of others, their achievements and victories is much more special when you give a medal, because you are not only rewarding that person, you are giving them a memory for life. Something that will constantly reinforce the value of what that person did in his day.

How to make a good quality medal?

As you know, at Hephaestudio we are specialists in foundry metal products, and our two main advantages are product quality and design perfection.

The first thing you have to do to make a coin or a medal is to tell us what is going to be awarded and what information you want to include in the award. At that very moment, we will put all our creativity to offer you ideas, formats and finishes that adapt to your budget and your project.

Once we discuss the possible ideas, we will offer you a digital design, in which we can work on the last details for your personalized medal. There we will work on the colors, the metallic finishes and the reliefs.

If the design is approved, we get to work, never better, first you have to create a mold with the design specifications, it is the most delicate part, since it depends on it that all the pieces come out in perfect condition. Once the mold is made, we manufacture all the units, bathe them in the chosen finish and glaze them if necessary.

The last step would be to add the ribbons or pendants, in the case of having made a medal for races, for example, or a military ribbon, in the case of making military medals. If what you want is to make coins, we would have it ready to present and send.

Differences between 2D & 3D

To choose a medal manufacturer, you have to be very clear that it suits your project, your budget is also important, the price of manufacturing medals is closely related to what we tell you:

A coin manufactured in two dimensions (2D) means that it would have two levels of height, the highest, or the relief, it would be the edges chosen to highlight and shine, the next level, in low relief, would have a more secondary and darker role. , to let the details stand out and the color to create the right textures.

Manufacturing in three dimensions is one more step, those elements in relief could have volumes, more complex shapes, spherifications and other elements, which add much more value and complexity to the product. This type of manufacture is more common in military coins than in medals.

What types of medals can I make?

Sports Medals

If you want to make sports medals, for races or championships, we recommend a classic medal, with a personalized long pendant. One-sided in two dimensions and with colored enamel. You can take advantage of the mold to make gold, silver and bronze medals.

Medals for marathons

Marathon medals have become a long-awaited collector's item, as runners around the world want to boast of having finished the toughest races and have a certifying memory. To make a medal for a marathon or a sporting challenge of the highest demand, you also need to have the highest quality.

In this case, we advise you to go for large medals, with metal textures, aged aspects and dark enamels that give the final product a wild finish. You can finish the medal with a personalized pendant and a laser engravingstrong> on the back with the date of the event.

Military medals

A very special and delicate product, because you have to find the right proportions, qualities and inscriptions. As a manufacturer of military medals, we guarantee the success of your projects.

The normal thing is to make a completely metallic medal, few usually have color, with a high level of detail to which a short ribbon with a safety pin is added, which guarantees both support and safety in movements. Military medals are usually made in two or three dimensions, and since they are for display on uniforms, they usually only have one front face.

Medals Budget

If at this point you are already clear that yours are medals, click and ask us for a budget without obligation. We will advise you throughout the process and we will help you at all times with your project.

Double-sided coins and medals

To take full advantage of the possibilities of an award, you can play with the shape of the product and its two sides, that is, you can work a front part with general and highlighting information, and a back part with more specific information, such as the date or reason for granting it. In these articles, a front face in three dimensions is usually worked, a flatter rear part in two dimensions, but the possibilities are limitless.

Military coins

The manufacture of military coins is a case according to what we talked about a little above. When a unit, company or group makes coins for gifts or shares, it tends to focus on a two-sided design, in which the front part shows the unit's shield in all its glory, and on the back more specific information about the promotion or mission in which you have participated.

Gift coins for events

The classic model of a coin is the one we all know, two sides in two dimensions and with different formats. If you want to give a coin for an event and you want to do something simple, you can make coins of a size similar to those in legal circulation, between thirty and forty millimeters with a beautiful design and that represent a quality detail for those who participate.

Coins Budget

And so far the contribution about the personalized medals and coins that we manufacture. If you still need more information or on the contrary, you have already had enough and want to contact us, click here and it will take you directly to our form. Briefly detail your project and leave us your contact information, we will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.