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Budget Custom Tiepins & Cufflinks

Are you looking for ideal and quality accessories for your suit? Do you also want them to be elegant and customizable? Well here we have them. Custom cufflinks and tie clips. These accessories will give the special touch you want, making you stand out above the rest.

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Tiepins or Cufflinks. Why not Both?

For many years, the suit jacket has been considered the garment that best represents men's clothing. Luckily, the evolution in dress fashion has never stopped, and now, it is also women who wear these garments. As with the suits, the same happens with their accessories, turning tiepins and cufflinks into unisex pieces.

Tiepins and cufflinks are great accessories when it comes to wearing elegant clothes, be it a suit jacket or simply a shirt, these pieces add a distinctive touch to dress sets.

Many private companies, security bodies, associations or institutions use this type of accessories in their events, providing their members with representative objects.

Either way, it is clear that cufflinks and tiepins are an excellent option when it comes to dressing elegantly, and even more so if they are personalized accessories such as those made here.

At hephaestudio, we personally recommend the use of both accessories together, but we are aware that, on occasions, clothing prevents us from using them at the same time. If that is your case or perhaps you are not sure which complement is the one that best suits your needs, we will detail each of them below and thus be able to help you decide what Budget you want to ask for.

Custom Tiepins


Custom Tiepins


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No Minimum Order

You don't need a minimum quantity to produce your designs. We manufacture from a single unit.


Shipping Included

The shipping cost is included in the budget. We ship within 24 hours throughout Spain.


Free Design

We make the design completely free of charge. Tell us your idea and we will make it happen.


Custom Phone Attention

We like to meet our clients. We guarantee the best telephone attention. Quick and personalized.


The most resistant materials and techniques

We have the best quality in manufacturing material. Don't be fooled, find out about them.


100% Tailored.
100% Custom

We elaborate your product in a totally personalized way. Your designs will be unique pieces in the world.

If you are still not clear, you can take a look at what our customers think about us.

Custom Tiepins

A tiepin is a product that requires quality and manufacturing patterns that fit the image you want to project.

The tie bar accessory is used to give a touch of elegance and personality to the suit and tie set, therefore, you cannot make a bar in any way. You have to take care of every detail, every color and above all, its proportions.

How Make Custom Tiepins?

As we have said, this accessory requires meticulous manufacturing and experts to advise you to turn your idea into the perfect product, since, depending on your design, the predominant color in the uniform of your workers, or in the evening dress of a event, the tiepin must have a special role, having total harmony with the rest of the elements that accompany it.

You have to think carefully about the size of the tie clip and the front emblem, since depending on the tie that is going to be used, it must be well located in the lower part between the third and fourth buttons (decorative tiepins), or in the upper part, acting more as a business badge. (Tie clip)

Another very important aspect is the arrangement of the emblem on the pin, since it can be placed in the center, or at the ends of the pin. The most traditional thing is to place the logo, or distinctive in the center, but for daring designs, where you want to break with the traditional, it is usually placed on the left side, as if sticking out of the suit's lapel.

Once this is known, we invite you to know the types of tiepins that you can make with hephaestudio.

No Enamel Custom Tiepins

The most common is to make a metal tiepins in the color of the metal. With silver or gold baths. The tiepins in aged silver or matte shades go well with any tie. Dark ties bring out small details in shiny gold or silver.

Custom Enamel Tiepins

Color tiepins are enameled metal pins, that is, to those metal edges, some color is added, depending on the design and that is significant with the main image of the project. The recommendation is that the metal has a lot of prominence and that the colored parts are small details. In the elegance of this accessory, the finer you work, the better.

Custom Heraldic Tiepins

Tiepin with heraldic shields, another of the uses of this product is to show off your colors, your roots or your company. Making a tie clip with a shield, whether it's your last name, or why not, your soccer team will make all eyes go to you, well, they will actually go to your tie clip.

Tiepins Clutches

Despite being the invisible part of the tie clip, we also have a couple of options of closures with which to customize them.

On the one hand, there is the pin. It is the typical tie clip closure. It consists of a flat metal surface that wraps around the tie and adjusts to it like a paperclip. This closure is the most used in classic tie clips.

The second option available is that of the clamp closure. This clasp has a small spring that allows the back of the tie clip to be opened and then, when closed, it grips the tie by pressing it. The clip closure is more secure than the pin, as the spring puts more pressure on the tie, making it more difficult for it to come off.

Tiepins Budget

If you still have questions about our tie clips or are clear about it and want to request a quote, click on the button and contact us. Tell us everything you need and we will assist you personally. We offer you the best possible care quickly and with total transparency.

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