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Rubber Keychains Customization

For the manufacture of custom rubber keychains, we need a mold of the final design approved by our customer. Once sculpted, the mold must be processed to avoid unwanted impurities, wrinkles, or bubbles during keychain production.

The necessary material for the creation of key chains, as indicated in its name, is rubber or soft PVC. This rubber must be pigmented in such a way that the colors requested by the client are achieved. Once the rubber is mixed with the pigment, the PVC needs to be purified by placing it in a vacuum chamber in order to expel any unwanted impurities or bubbles.

Once the mold and rubber are ready, the rubber is injected into the design. In simple designs, this process can be done by machine, but for the more complicated ones, it is necessary to carry out the work manually.

Soft PVC needs to go through a thermal process that hardens the material. This process is repeated for each color that is added to the keychain design.

Custom Rubber PVC Keychains Process

Personalized rubber keychains are a versatile product that fits very well into advertising campaigns and events where attendees or customers can take a nice souvenir.

The rubber keychain is something that they will always carry with them, a brand image that will be reinforced day after day with the constant use of the product, every time they open the door of their houses or start their car they will be in contact with your company.

Do you want your brand to become a high quality personalized product? Contact us and we will help you design your keychain so that the final product is the one you have always wanted.

What is a rubber keychain?

As an image is worth a thousand words, we show you some of our products made of PVC so that you can check first-hand the quality of the lines and finishes.

Rubber Keychains Size

As you can see from the images above, there is no default size for your designs. A great advantage of making personalized keychains with us is that you can choose the size you want. If you are not clear about the measure that would best fit your design, do not hesitate to ask us, we will advise you on the manufacture of the best version of your product.

Color Range

Initially, the rubber used is colorless so you have to add pigments to color it. The advantage of this process is that we can obtain practically any color required in the designs, so you will have a wide range to choose from.

How can I make rubber keychains?

The manufacture of PVC keychains is a process in which all details must be taken care of. A base layer is melted that will work as the background of the keychain and on it the different layers that make up the design overlap, as if it were a puzzle in which the final result is the design that has previously been accepted.

That is to say, we always manufacture with a digital assembly of the product and when the client gives us the go-ahead we get going so that everything turns out perfect.

So do not worry, because we will help you at all times to understand how your key chains will be manufactured and what the end result will be. Measurements, colors, shapes, content, we are experts in this, trust Hephaestudio.

What customers are looking for PVC keychains?

In general, the rubber keychain looks for comfort, being a light product it can complement any other advertising gift, it can be included in backpacks as an identifier, in cotton bags, garments or other products where you want to add something of brand value .

Keychains for Bikers

It is the star product, since its composition makes it not damage the bodywork and is not difficult to carry on routes where any detail counts in the total weight of the luggage. Being products that focus on color, these key chains can be personalized with the colors of a specific brand, a biker rock and can even have the shapes of the motorcycles themselves.

Companies Keychains

There is no company that has never thought of making keychains with the corporate logo. Whether they are more basic or made to measure, they are the advertising gift par excellence, capable of withstanding the passage of time and with a utility that has already been standardized, so that everyone has one in their pocket.

The most usual thing is to work on a custom keychain, with which you can create a piece that stands out on its own, differentiates itself from the competition and has a great commercial impact, which is what they are made for, after all: So that the client always carries your brand with them, as part of their routine.

Keychains for Schools

Children and young people love this type of product. Bet on a fun and colorful way that reflects well the essence of your educational center. If you have an excursion or a graduation, our key chains can be a great souvenir, as well as an important identifying element for your students.

Take advantage of these key chains as backpack identifiers, since they can write the name and data of each student, so they can serve a dual function.

Designer Keychains

Souvenirs and key chains, that endless relationship. If you are planning to open a market for design products, you can bet on beautiful, well-kept keychains that do not represent a great cost to your customers.

We can help you turn your idea or your designs into a final product according to the type of customers who frequent your gift shop, or the customers you want to reach.

Other Products

Do not stay on one project. PVC manufacturing has many alternatives, such as magnets, bracelets, pendants, coasters. Discover them.


The best way to clear your doubts is by contacting Hephaestudio. We will attend your project personally and work on your design to offer the best alternatives. This product gives us a great time, so if you want a reliable supplier you are in good hands. Click on the button and ask for a quote or tell us everything you need to know and we will respond quickly and with complete transparency.

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