Metal Keychains

To make metal keychains you must have a company that offers guarantees. Hephaestudio will guide and advise you at all times so that your project meets the quality and the estimated times. Ask us for a quote or tell us your ideas, we transform them into reality.

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Metalic Keychains Customization

The metal keychain is a promotional gift or a personal product that has a wide range of possibilities, just as we have the typical standard products that are laser engraved, we have the possibility of customizing keychains from scratch, that is, from your idea to actual product. Like our custom pins, custom metal keychains feature similar finishes.

In any of the finishes, the initial process is achieved using a mold in which the design chosen for manufacturing will be reflected. This mold will make an impression by pressing on the metal base, thus completing the first step in the creation of our personalized keychains. Once this is done, the process differs depending on the chosen finish.

Custom No Enamel Keychains

It is the simplest finish. No type of enamel will be applied to this key ring, so it is necessary to be clear about which parts will be highlighted, in high relief, or which will be sunk, low relief, to create the design drawing on metal. The high relief areas will be polished in the final stages of manufacturing, thus giving a brighter appearance, standing out over the low relief areas. As in its pin version, you can choose between a glossy or matte finish, with an aged appearance.


Soft Enamel Personalized Keychains

For the personalization of key rings in soft enamel you have to consider the enamels. In this version, the areas in low relief are enameled with the colors selected in the previous design. Once painted, the high-relief areas are polished to make the keychain even brighter.

Proceso Personalización Pins Esmalte Suave

Custom Hard Enamel Keychains

It is undoubtedly the most difficult finish to elaborate, but its exquisite result makes it worth the work. As if it were a pin, each of the key chains is completely enamelled by hand, applying the selected colors in the design. Once painted, a heat treatment is applied that will fix the enamel to the keychain. After this process, the entire surface is polished until it is completely smooth.


Digital Printing Custom Keychains

The manufacturing process is analogous to that of its pin version. For key chains with a digital print finish, as the name implies, the design is printed with photographic quality on the metal and a layer of resin is applied to protect the image and also create a bulky effect, with a shiny appearance. In this version, as it is a photographic print, any color or gradient will be possible in the design.


Why make custom keychains?

The answer to this question is simple, making custom keychains means being unique, it means standing out, having something that others do not have, and in the business world every detail counts. Why are you going to settle for something that everyone would have?

A custom keychain means maximum customization, in shape, colors and content. In addition, if you work with the right quality, and with manufacturing professionals, the product will be in addition to attractive, durable.

What is a metalic keychain?

Here you can see in detail some of our custom metal keychain designs. By clicking on each image you can check the quality of the details and finishes of the same.

Metal Keychain Size

The size is up to you. Being totally personalized designs, you can choose the shape and size you want for your key chains. We take care of making them come true. If you do not know what would be the optimal size for your keychain, do not worry, we will be happy to help you choose.

Color Range

We have a wide range of colors to enamel. Our paintings will make your designs look spectacular, with bright tones that will make those key chains you want to make stand out more, if possible.

How is an enameled keychain or a metal keychain made?

First of all, we need to assess a design, that design is transformed into a digital preview in which we can see the final result, if everything is correct and there are no modifications to be made, we proceed to the next step, and one of the most important.

Following the digital pattern, a metal mold is made that will keep all the reliefs, the shape and the holes of the keychain. This mold is normally made by stamping a plate in which the molten metal will be introduced and your pieces will be removed in raw.

Once we achieve this, we practically have the keychain finished, it is now when it is enameled with the chosen pants and all the details are polished, in addition to giving it the appropriate metallic bath, so that you have the edges in the chosen color.

You can choose the type of chain that you put on the keychain, and that is the final step, the next thing would be to send it and receive it at your address, so that you can give them away and your campaign is a complete success.

What customers are looking for metal keychains?

Undoubtedly, a keychain is a very versatile product, and even more so, when we talk about fully personalized keychains, so specifying the target audience is a practically impossible task. However, we wanted to show you some of the sectors where there is more demand for the product.

Companies Keychains

There is no company that has never thought of making keychains with the corporate logo. Whether they are more basic or made to measure, they are the advertising gift par excellence, capable of withstanding the passage of time and with a utility that has already been standardized, so that everyone has one in their pocket.

The most usual thing is to work on a custom keychain, with which you can create a piece that stands out on its own, differentiates itself from the competition and has a great commercial impact, which is what they are made for, after all: So that the client always carries your brand with them, as part of their routine.

The most important thing is that the logo keyring is visible, of quality and that it is adjusted to the appropriate size and finish for the project.

We take care of everything.

Sports Clubs Keychains

There is nothing better than feeling the colors. Sports fans always want to carry merchandise or objects from the teams they follow, or the teams they feel part of, so that they are immediately identified with those colors they show off.

Your soccer team keychain is easier than you think. We turn your club's crest into an enamel keychain with great detail. We give you a design so you can see how it will look, and when everything is correct we start to manufacture so that everyone can see which is the club of your life.

Not everything is football, we have made keychains for basketball clubs, horse riding and even croquet.

Do you want to know how to turn your shield into a keychain? Contact us

Illustrators Keychains

If you want to make money selling keychains, you are in luck, we are a company with a lot of experience in transforming illustrations into objects for sale. Among the products we make, of course, there are personalized keychains, an item that never disappoints and that can reflect all the personality of your creations.

Dare with risky designs, full of color, with fine metallic finishes that will leave your followers speechless.

We can help you to fully adapt your work to the manufacturing method required to make key rings.

If you have any questions contact us and you will see how easy we make it for you.

Weddings Keychains

You get married?


Are you looking for an original gift for your wedding guests?

You are in the right place.

Tell us your idea and we will transform it into a special keychain for an unforgettable day, we will make that keychain for life too and that your guests always carry it with them.

We are manufacturers with a higher level of quality than the competition, we advise you and create beautiful things, which is just what you need for that day, and of course, we make it very easy, so you don't have to worry about anything else.


The best way to clear your doubts is by contacting Hephaestudio. We will attend your project personally and work on your design to offer the best alternatives. This product gives us a great time, so if you want a reliable supplier you are in good hands. Click on the button and ask for a quote or tell us everything you need to know and we will respond quickly and with complete transparency.

Other Looks

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